Winger Staff Transportation

Replaces three vehicles, Costs a fraction.
Winger Staff Transportation Van

Classy comfort. Safe journeys. Unbeatable economy.

Trust Tata Motors to set the trend in the world of automobiles. The company now offers you a new 9-13 Seater Passenger Vehicle, specially designed for use as a Staff Transportation Vehicle.


Winger - India's first Maxi Van

Winger comes in three variants for BPOs:

  • Standard  - Non-AC in 9+D, 12+D and 13+D seating
  • Deluxe - Dual AC/Non-AC in 12+D and 13+D seating
  • Luxury - Dual AC in 9+D seating


Dual AC for cool comfort

Dual AC Staff Transportation Van

You would want your staff to travel in comfort and style, from home to office and back after a hard day’s work. Winger with Dual AC ensures that every ride is a pleasant and relaxing one. The new Front AC gives faster cooling even in extreme heat conditions; and the upgraded Roof Mounted AC with 6 air vents provides uniform cooling with lower noise levels. What’s more, staff members can adjust the cooling with a new speed adjuster switch.


Winger Unique DesignWhy 3 vehicles when you have Winger?

What sets apart Winger as a passenger vehicle of choice is a combination of the following:

  • Innovative design
  • Dual AC
  • Abundant space, and
  • Significant saving on transportation costs


How is Winger a wise choice?

Winger is the most economical vehicle in its class. This 9-13 Seater passenger vehicle comes at an unbelievably affordable price and replaces as many as three smaller vehicles you may be presently using. You end up enjoying two distinct advantages:


  • 1/3rd saving on your present staff transportation costs


As the following table and graph indicate, with Winger, you end up achieving a 1/3rd saving on your staff transportation costs.

Parameter Small Cars MUVs Winger Standard
Price Range (Rs. Lakhs) 3.5 - 3.75 6.0 - 6.40
EMI @ 4 year / Funding (Rs.) 9050 18140 15420
Maintenance & Operating Costs / Month (Rs.) 1125 2250 3750
Total Costs / Month (Rs.) 28175 41159 46170
No. of Seats - Estimated 4 9 12
Average No. of Employees / Trip 4 7 10
Transportation Cost / Employee / Month 7044 5880 4617

Comparison Graph

  • Fewer vehicles, smoother fleet management


One of the nagging problems of staff transportation is logistics management. With many small vehicles running, you need to ensure proper coordination, timings and more. Added to this are the increased manpower costs. As an ideal Staff Transportation Vehicle, Winger frees you from these problems. Replacing three vehicles, it makes logistics management much simpler and smoother.