Enough room for a Hospital-on-Wheels

Big on space, Winger Ambulance from Tata Motors is a single stretcher ambulance that offers extra safety, a smooth drive, and a 'within budget' price. It gives you the freedom to redesign the interiors, for your own Hospital-on-Wheels.


Discover how Winger Ambulance meets your requirements

Smooth ride
for patients
Dual AC for
patient comfort
Easy entry
& exit
Right at
your doorstep

One-of-a-kind design

Winger Ambulance incorporates an innovative design unmatched by other ambulance vehicles. Both its engine and driveline compartment have been compressed, to maximise interior space. There is enough room for a patient and attendants, providing comfort for all.

Scope for customising Winger Ambulance

To meet your specific needs, Winger Ambulance can be customised as a Mobile Medical Unit, Critical Care Unit (Advance Life Support Ambulance), Blood Transportation Van and more. Some of the features that can be added in Winger Ambulance are:

  • » Wash basin with foot-operated tap and water dispenser of 5-ltr capacity.
  • » Portable steel dustbins with spring-loaded lids, for waste disposal.
  • » Foldable doctor's seat plus squad bench to seat 4 persons; internal storage space for extrication kit.
  • » Hat-rack with sliding glass side doors for additional storage space.
  • » Footstep for easy entry and exit.
  • » Grab rail with IV hooks.
  • » 50 Hz 800 VA inverter; integrated AC/DC supply in vehicle synchronised with:
    • – Light bar rhombic-shaped double layered structure with integrated PA system.
    • – 6 high intensity flashers on sides and rear of vehicle.
    • – Internal lighting consisting of 4 LED-type tube lights, 3 spotlights and one examination light.
    • – 2 fans.
    • – Two 230 V AC 3-pin sockets & an external charge port.
  • » Oxygen delivery system with integrated piping and 3 concealed outlets on side walls, besides pressure regulators and humidifiers.
  • » pressure regulators and humidifiers.
  • » Pull-out type storage trolley for two D-type O2 cylinders.
  • » FRP panels with provision for fitment of optional medical equipment like auto loading stretcher, scoop board, spine board, wheel chair, ventilator, defibrillator, etc.
  • » Two sliding glass windows in the patient compartment for cross ventilation.
  • » 270-degree outward opening rear doors fitted with glass windows and a positive locking arrangement (magnetic type) .

Safe and Reliable

  • Anti-skid flooring.
  • Larger patient cabin dimensions.
  • Meets frontal crash norms.
  • 3-stage collapsible steering wheel, thick A pillars and crumple zones.

Easy movement

Better internal height in high roof ambulance ensures easy movement.

Safe transit and timely arrival in emergencies

Winger Ambulance can be customized to meet specific needs as a Mobile Medical Unit, Critical Care Unit (Advanced Life Support Ambulance), Blood Transportation Van... and more.


Low floor height

495 mm enables easy entry and exit.

Extended Warranty

Comes with a 3-year/ 3 lakh km warranty.