Benefits of Buying a Tata Winger Ambulance

Benefits of Buying a Tata Winger Ambulance

Tata Motors | Jul 14, 2021 12:50 pm
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The healthcare sector is one of the most vital in any society, as one has starkly seen in recent times. Within its services, the mobile ambulance plays a crucial role, sometimes life-saving and other times by simply being there on time, when it matters. Tata Motors has always believed in serving society through the various commercial vehicles it designs and brings to market. Thus came about the Tata Winger Ambulance 3200 and 3488, two models with superior technical offerings and customisation possibilities, that can be transformed into top-of-the-line hospitals-on-wheels. The perfect evolution of the super successful Tata Winger series of multi-purpose vehicles.

For medical service providers or fleet owners, the Tata Winger Ambulance provides many benefits that make it a great, cost effective and high-value investment.

Offers the Power of 6

The new variants of the Tata Winger Ambulance come with enhanced BS6 technology and specs, offering the Power of Profit, Performance, Comfort, Connectivity & Convenience, Style & Design and Value.

Compliant & Customizable

The Tata Winger Ambulance complies to AIS 125 norms and is available in four different options — as shell,  patient transport, basic life support or advanced life support. This versatility is something owners can make the most of, to set up the essential medical care level they require and service they wish to provide.

Safe & Stylish Design

The interiors of the Tata Winger Ambulance can be designed as per the needs of operators. It is built with monocoque construction that ensures low noise, vibration and harshness levels. Additionally, front independent suspension, anti-roll bars with hydraulic shock absorbers and radial tyres ensure a bump-free ride. For driver and passenger comfort, the ambulance has a dual AC for efficient cooling and better air flow, as well as a wide entry/exit door that opens 270 degrees outwards, to conveniently bring stretchers in.

Superior Performance & Mileage

A 2.2 L  BSVI engine, with power of 73.5 kw@3750r/min and peak torque of 200Nm@1000-3500r/min, ensures the Tata Winger Ambulance can cover distances with speed and safety. They are known for best-in-class mileage, and fuel capacity of 60 litres. They possess the most fuel-efficient engines in the category that don’t compromise on power and performance. With an additional Eco Mode, you can expect greater savings on fuel expenses. A telematics system with fleet management solutions makes daily operations smooth.

Sampoorna Seva 2.0

When you purchase a Tata Winger BS6 model, you not only get an amazing truck, but also the many advantages of Tata Sampoorna Seva 2.0. This includes a comprehensive list, such as servicing, roadside assistance, insurance, loyalty benefits and more. There are 1500 Channel Partners across 29 State Service Offices, with 250+ Tata Motors Engineers, modern equipment, facilities and 24x7 Mobile Vans, available to you when you need most.

to maintain, the promise of a long life and empowering owners with the ability
to save and help society with quality mobile health services, the Tata Winger
is the most beneficial ambulance vehicle in the market today.

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