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    Tata Winger Holiday Tourist van

    Benefits of the Tata Winger’s Seating Capacity

    Tata Motors | Dec 7, 2018 2:11 pm
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    Upsize your family holidays with a vehicle created specially for large family road trips!

    Benefits of the Tata Winger's Seating Capacity

    A new 15-seater Winger has been added by Tata Motors to its Winger lineup. With varied price slabs for Maxi Van in India, the Winger series is available at an ex-showroom price starting at Rs. 12.57Lakhs

    Tata Winger's Quality Features and Capacity Enhances its Credibility as a Reliable Travel Vehicle

    Tata Winger is a people's car with a luggage capacity of 585 liters and internal height of 6.23-inch ensuring easy passenger movement . Moreover, it is equipped with push back seats, individual AC vents, and multiple USB charging points .

    Winger being a passenger maxi van is powered with 2.2-litre DiCOR diesel engine tuned for 73.5kW (100 HP) and 190 Nm of flat torque over a range of 1250-3500 rpm.

    Variants of Tata Winger

    The Tata Winger is available in different variants for specific applications. For instance, Winger School 13+D is a safe school van installed with child safety systems whereas Winger Ambulance( in 3200 and 3488 WB options) is an economical vehicle for hospitals and ambulance operators, and the Winger Staff is a staff transporter with a seating capacity of 9 to 15 seats.

    Created with spacious interiors in both AC and Non AC variants, Tata Winger is one of the most economical and comfortable options for group or family travelers. Fulfilling the travel needs with comfort, variants of Tata Winger are available at a good price as compared to other competitive models. It offers a unique combination of product performance and fuel efficiency, beneficial for the tour and travel operators.

    Tata Winger's abundant passenger capacity and unparalleled fuel economy makes it a reliable multi-utility mini bus/maxi van in India.

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