How does the Winger van enable enjoyable travel

How does the Winger van enable enjoyable travel

Tata Motors | Aug 1, 2019 11:10 am
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When travelling long distance, knowing that you are in a sturdy and well-built vehicle can take a huge load off your mind.

The Tata Winger maxivan has special Side Impact beams, Rugged engine sub-frame, Anti – roll bar, as well as child safety locks make this an ideal tourist vehicle.

The Tata Winger’s front suspension is McPherson Struts with Coil Springs and the rear suspension is Double Parabolic Leaf Spring with a Hydraulic Telescope Shock Absorber. This makes travel smooth and comfortable.

The Comfort Factor is well looked into with individual cushioned seats, individual A.C vents, USB charging points, good leg space and luggage space as well as good headroom in the vehicle. Its monocoque construction reduces the noise of the vehicle to its passengers and lends further to the feel of travelling in a car rather than a van.

The2.2-litre, DiCOR diesel engine of the Winger gives a top power of 98 bhp at 4000 rpm along with peak torque of 190 Nm between 1250 rpm to 3500 rpm. The Tata Winger specifications also include a conventional five-speed manual gearbox which transmits power to the wheels. This gives it the power it needs to travel effortlessly on any kind of terrain, to get you to even the most hard to reach places.

So whether it’s the strength, structure, comfort or convenience factor that is important to make your ride joyful – the Tata Winger checks the boxes for all of the above.

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