How many people can travel comfortably in a Winger van

How many people can travel comfortably in a Winger van

Tata Motors | Aug 1, 2019 11:03 am
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Tata Winger – an ideal vehicle for families and larger groups

Gone are the days where road travel was synonymous with discomfort due to bare-bones passenger cars and bad road infrastructure. There were very few vehicle owners and people would pike into cars for lack of any option. Today, comfortable travel is a basic expectation, not a luxury. Customers are spoilt for choices and constantly have to choose between good, better and best. Tata Winger passenger van are created with a passenger centric approach, with a high emphasis on passenger comfort and reducing the strain of travelling.

TATA Winger Vans have been designed as modern and comfortable people movers. They have the space of a bus and create the feeling of travelling in a car with their push back seats, individual A.C. vents, USB charging points and silent noise cancelling construction. These vans are manufactured in many variants – with different seating capacities and features.

How many people can travel in a TATA Winger maxivan?

The TATA Winger vans seating variants are:

TATA Winger 9 + driver, Tata Winger tourist /Staff 12S, Tata Winger Staff 12 + driver and 13 + driver and the largest the Tata Winger 15 + Driver. A new 18-seater variant has also been recently launched for use by schools.

All Winger variants are equipped with comfortable bucket seats for each passenger along with more than adequate leg space and luggage storing space. Keeping in mind that passengers want to stay cool and connected, they also have individual air-conditioning vents and USB charging points.
Both corporates and tour operators will find the Winger to be a reliable partner as it can seat a large number of people and also has very low running costs.

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