How many seats does the Tata Winger have

How many seats does the Tata Winger have

Tata Motors | Aug 1, 2019 11:15 am
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The maxivan has been underestimated for far too long but with its approaches to seating capacity – TATA Winger has created a high demand among people with all sorts of needs.

The TATA Winger series has in its fleet, vans that have the seating capacity of 15 passengers + the Driver. It comes in variants that offer 9 passengers + driver and 12 passengers + driver. Earlier mini vans had a capacity of about 10+ passengers but the TATA winger has challenged this by having variants that can seat comfortably above this capacity.

This option is highly attractive for large families who want to travel together on road trips and weekend getaways. With holidays being far and few between, it is sad to not be able to get the whole family to travel together just because you cannot find the conveyance for the same. The TATA Winger maxivan has been gaining popularity, due to not only the number of seats but the comfort of seating and other facilities. Each seat is an individual cushioned and push back seat.

With its wide body, tall roof-line and various seating configurations available which can be adjusted to fit your needs – the TATA Winger provides the comfort of a car and the spaciousness of a bus.

It is an ideal way to provide cost effective and comfortable transport of staff for companies. The number of seats in the TATA Winger makes it a highly cost effective alternative to vehicles that have a smaller seating capacity.

While minivans have traditionally moved about 10 passengers in total with the increased seating capacity there can be little doubt that the TATA Winger vans and minivans represent the ultimate people movers, vehicles which by design can accommodate a large number of passengers in total comfort.

TATA Winger passenger van are now the ultimate choice in providing a spacious and comfortable driving experience for large families, pilgrim groups or corporate groups.

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