How Tata Winger vans are helpful in Long distance travel?

How Tata Winger vans are helpful in Long distance travel?

Tata Motors | May 17, 2019 1:02 pm
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Long distance travel? TATA Winger has you covered!

The world has become a smaller place – and better connectivity and travelling options is one of the most important reasons for this. With better roads being laid out, what we need are vehicles that can cover these distances with ease, efficiency, speed and comfort. The TATA Winger is an ideal multi purpose vehicle for covering long distances in comfort and with efficacy.


Maximum Seating capacity, Push Back seats, individual air conditioning vents, USB ports for charging devices and high headroom space in the TATA Winger have created a hallmark of comfort and quality travel in the maxi van sector.

Cost Effective

The TATA Winger mileage offers best in class power, efficiency and faster pick-up than any other mini van in its segment.

Driving Efficiency

The TATA Winger is equipped with 215 mm Single plate Dry Friction Semi Hydraulic Actuation clutch and Power Assisted Rack and Pinion Steering. It has large 195 R 15 LT, 8 PR Radial Tyres and a great suspension which is in the Front - Mcpherson Strut with Coil Spring and in the Rear - Double Parabolic Leaf Spring, Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber. This makes the ride smooth and gives great pick up on roads. It is equipped with Front - Disc Brakes with Twin Pot Calliper; Rear Drum Brakes with LSPV which with its efficacy - improves the drive experience for both the driver and the passengers.

Fuel Tank

Its high fuel efficacy and large fuel tank of 60L reduces the number of stops needed to re-fuel, thus saving a lot of time on long distance travel.

Thus, the TATA Winger lives up to its reputation as best in class and is highly suited for long distance travel as a tourist car.

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