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How the New Tata Winger is the Perfect Companion for Tours & Travel Purposes?

Tata Motors | Dec 7, 2018 2:12 pm
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The new Tata Winger has hit the market and is gaining an optimum sale value due to its multi-utility services in the commercial market.

Tata Motors had foreseen the need of a new age commercial vehicle and developed the remarkable Tata Winger15s to cater to that segment. Backed by the power of a bus and comfort of a car, the Winger 15s is specially designed for tours and travel purposes.

Features that make Tata Winger perfect for large family tours

The Tata Winger is available in many variants ranging from a 9+D seater to a 15+D seater. It has several comfortable and spacious features for passengers as well as drivers and is best suited for long family road trips with its distinctive features such as individual AC vents, push- back seats, multiple USB charging points and extra luggage space among others.

A versatile vehicle with numerous applications

This multi-utility mini bus finds its use as a corporate staff bus, ambulance, school bus and a tourist van or mini bus. With the invention of Tata Winger, the day-to-day struggle of travelling comes to an end, bringing a touch of style and classiness to the travelers.

Due to its use across many applications, the demand for the Tata Winger is growing day by day.

The Tata Winger ensures a cool and relaxed journey with better mileage and comfort, making your travel pleasant. And its new age looks leave a positive impression on passengers with the feel of a car and spaciousness of a bus - indeed a perfect choice for tours and travel purposes!

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