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In What Way Tata Winger is great in its Application as an Ambulance

Tata Motors | Dec 7, 2018 2:13 pm
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Since independence, Tata Motors has strived to keep innovating and launch increasingly useful commercial workhorses for the country. Tata Winger is one such multi-utility vehicle known for its contemporary design, safety and comfort features plus the flexibility of being actively absorbed in various applications such as in schools, hospitals, corporate offices and travel companies.

Over the years, the Tata Winger has been considered a part of various sectors including hospitals, with its ambulance variant that has been a boon to the hospitals and ambulance operators. Especially in remote areas where hospitals and medical help are often inaccessible, a Tata Winger ambulance can act as immediate assistance during emergencies, and help save many lives.

The impeccable Tata Winger mini ambulance is available in two versions Winger Ambulance 3200 and Winger Ambulance 3488. They are like hospitals on wheels; spacious high roof vehicles optimized for the safe handling and comfort of patients.

Tata Winger Ambulance features and specifications:

  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency 2.2l Dicor engine with a flat torque curve of 190 NM, providing uniform acceleration, powered with 73.6KW@4000r/min.
  • Transaxle vehicle with front wheel drive for reduced noise, vibrations and harshness levels.
  • Durable and sturdy with a 3-year warranty period, the Winger weighs 2670kg and has bigger wheels guaranteeing a speedy drive to reach a proper hospital on time.
  • Being an enclosed vehicle, the dual AC plays an important role maintaining the cooling levels so that the patient, driver and attendants do not feel suffocated and are comfortable.
  • The spacious room and high roof gives easy entry and exit ensuring complete safety to the patients and attendants.

These multiple factors make Tata Winger ambulance exclusive one of its kind multi-utility vehicle of Tata Motors. In-time availability of Winger ambulance has been helpful in the survival of several patients from the city and rural areas.

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