The Technical Specifications and Price Range of Tata Winger Ambulance

The Technical Specifications and Price Range of Tata Winger Ambulance

Tata Motors | Jul 14, 2021 12:57 pm
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Presenting the all-new BS6 Tata Winger Ambulance, the latest in this ever versatile multi-utility series of public transport vans, that are compliant with AIS 125 part 1 norms. They come in two variants, the Tata Winger Ambulance 3200 and 3488, both with a shared fundamental design, features and specifications. At the heart of the van is a 2.2 litre engine that boasts 73.5 kW @3750 r/min power and 200 Nm @1000-3500 r/min torque, offering lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency than other vehicles in the same category. That’s just one of the many reasons for the Tata Winger Ambulance to be considered an economically smart choice, that delivers high on quality.

Beyond the bonnet is a 215 mm single - plat, dry friction, semi-hydraulic actuation style clutch and manual gearbox. There is individual front and rear suspension, namely McPherson Strut with Coil Spring and Parabolic Leaf Spring type. This ensures every journey is smooth, bump-free and comfortable — three vital and effective considerations for a mobile medical unit and patient transport vehicle. Additionally, the Tata Winger Ambulance has a front wheel drive that reduces noise, vibration and harshness. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes with ABS are fitted in to prevent vehicle locking, while all variants also come with an anti-roll bar.

While the technical specifications of the Tata Winger Ambulance models are standard, the vans come with great potential for customisation. The generous dimensions of the van offer spacious interiors that can be fitted in and custom-built into vans for Patient Transport, Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support. For added convenience, the van comes with Telematics & Fleet Management Solutions and improved driver comfort.

The Tata Winger Ambulance offers much value to fleet owners and on road medical service providers with these power and efficiency features built into its design. This is enhanced by the van’s high-capacity 60 litre fuel tank and best in class mileage, and fuel economy switch that further optimises usage. Available now at a starting price of an affordable INR 14.20 lakhs, with all the benefits of Tata Sampoorna Seva services to ensure your peace of mind.

The Tata Winger Ambulance, the leading
choice for a safe, timely, smooth, comfortable and budget-friendly mobile
medical unit, built to perform at the highest level - just as our cities and
societies deserve.

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