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    Top 3 Things to Know about the Tata Winger Ambulance

    Tata Motors | Jun 8, 2021 4:18 am
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    Tata Motors boasts many versatile commercial vehicles, none more so than the new Tata Winger BS6 Multi Purpose Vehicle that comes in three ambulance variants. The spacious vehicle is a single stretcher van that offers extra safety, smooth drives and high customizability to build your very own hospital-on-wheels, all at an affordable price. Everything needed to service the modern healthcare needs of society, in a swift, timely and professional manner. Let’s take a look at the top 3 things you should know about the Tata Winger Ambulance in detail.

    Assured Safety

    The unique Tata Winger Ambulance Van has safety at the core of its design. Built into its sturdy framework are 270-degree outward opening rear doors fitted with glass windows and a positive locking arrangement with magnetic function, providing easy entry and exit for the stretcher-bound patient. A footstep has been provided for passengers to safely climb on board. A partition between the patient and the driver compartment has been provided in all variants of the Winger Ambulance. Drivers can focus on their job as they are behind a wheel that is backed by the power of enhanced comfort, connectivity and convenience, ensuring not only highly safe but smooth journeys.

    Main Features

    The New Tata Winger Ambulance Van with BS6 is here to meet the need of the hour. Each variant comes with the power of 6, meaning it is designed to be high performing and profitable while at the same time economic to run and maintain. It has a 2.2L fuel-efficient engine that boasts power of 73.5kW and torque of 200Nm @1000-3500rpm. The eco fuel saving mode further amplifies the fuel savings potential of this van, while the Mcpherson strut suspension ensures better ride quality. It is enhanced in driver comfort, with telematics enabled connectivity and provides value for money, with Tata Motors offering the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 and Winger Promise 2.0, upon purchase.

    Customisation Capability

    The new Tata Winger Ambulance complies to AIS 125 part 1 norms and is available in four customisations, from the shell to patient transport, basic life support and advanced life support. You can build this ambulance van to meet your requirements, with a host of features. The spacious interiors offer plenty of width for the auto loading stretcher and passenger riders, as well as hygiene and additional medical fitments ranging from a wash basin with foot-operated tap and 5-litre water dispenser to grab rails with IV hooks and an oxygen delivery system with integrated piping and outlets on side walls, besides pressure regulators and humidifiers. A further pull-out type storage trolley for 2 D-type O2 cylinders can also be fitted in. This is just a glimpse of the many additions that can be made to create the high performing mobile medical unit of your choosing, to service Indian cities and towns.

    There are countless reasons for you to invest in the new Tata Winger Ambulance. The vehicle of choice for those who, just like Tata Motors, seek to serve people through their business.

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