What are the benefits of having Tata winger for Tourist business?

What are the benefits of having Tata winger for Tourist business?

Tata Motors | May 17, 2019 12:18 pm
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Give Wings to your Tourism Business with the Tata Winger

If you are in the tourism business, then customer satisfaction is paramount for you. The new Tata Winger is built specifically for the Tours and Travel segment and its 15-seat configuration and ~ 600-liter of cargo space sets it apart from rivals in the segment.

Passenger Needs:

Comfortable travel goes a long way in making any trip a success. The Tata Winger Passenger van ensures that every ride is a pleasant and relaxing one for your tourist passengers. Passengers want a few things in particular - smooth travel without unnecessary bumps and jerks, silent travel, a charging point for all their essential devices, comfortable seats, and a lot of luggage space.

Tata Winger Features:

The features the Tata Winger maxi van offers are modern and take into mind all individual requirements too - such as Individual A.C. vents and push back seats, Multiple USB charging points, Spacious leg room, Spacious luggage area, 1900mm internal height for comfortable movement inside the vehicle, ease of entry and exit and an attractive body with decals on the side. It has been constructed with a monocoque design that ensures low noise, vibration and harshness, creating a smooth and silent travelling experience. The Tata Winger incorporates an innovative design that sets it apart from other transport vehicles in its class. This host of world-class features makes it an ideal choice as a tourist vehicle.

Ideal for Tour Operators:

From the business point of view - the Tata Winger offers best in class mileage. It comes with a warranty of 3 years or 3 lakh km, whatever comes first, and efficient and satisfying after sales services at very low service charges. It has service centres located all over the country and is economically priced - especially keeping in mind its seating configuration. It can be used for Picnics, Marriage parties, Airport transfers, Weekend Family Trips and much more.

The Tata Winger's mantra really holds true for tour operators -"Bigger on Mileage, Better on Comfort, Best on Earnings"!

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