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    What are the comfort and safety Features of Tata winger Commercial Vehicle?

    Tata Motors | Aug 2, 2018 5:41 am
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    An economical passenger vehicle, the Tata Winger offers seating space for 9-13 passengers at a time. Travelling by Tata Winger is as good as replacing three smaller vehicles that would separately consume more time to reach the destination. This innovatively designed passenger vehicle from Tata Motors offers abundant space guaranteeing both passenger and driver comfort.

    An ideal multi-utility vehicle

    Tata Winger is an ideal multi-utility vehicle available in two exterior paint options which are Pearl White and Arctic Silver. It has a range of useful features that gives the travellers a comfortable driving experience.

    Though it was designed to be the ultimate staff transportation vehicle option, the Tata Winger has also found a great demand in various other applications such as being used as a school van, tourist vehicle, luxury passenger vehicle for hotel transfer and stretcher ambulance.
    Below are the primary features that define Tata Winger’s comfort and safety for the passengers:

    • Spacious as a bus and comfortable as a car
    • Monocoque construction ensures low levels of noise, vibration and harshness
    • Front independent suspension and anti roll bars with hydraulic shock absorbers gives a smooth drive
    • High roof with a height of 6.23feet offers easy internal movement of passengers
    • Dual AC provides cooling in extremely hot conditions
    • Individual reclining seats for relaxation during long distance journey

    Technically sound, Tata Winger is India’s first Maxi van offering a great capacity for carrying passengers with utmost comfort and safety.

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