What are the travel applications

What are the travel applications

Tata Motors | Aug 1, 2019 10:22 am
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Oh the places you can go on your Tata Winger

The Tata Winger has changed the perception of tourist vehicle use when it comes to travel usage. It offers a far better choice than buses or taxi’s at a fraction of the cost.

What the Tata Winger offers is classy comfort, safe journeys and unbeatable economy. The Tata Winger vans are widely used for road trips in large groups. The availability of the comfort features makes it a stylish and popular choice for wedding parties, Weekend trips and even longer road trips across the country. Because of its economical price tag and fuel efficiency – The Tata Winger is rented out by many tour operators at extremely affordable costs. It is used by hotels and other travel operators as an Airport / Railway Station transfer vehicle – and by schools for their field trips and many others. The uniqueness of having a high number of comfortable seats in a single vehicle while maintaining the feel of a passenger car gives the Tata Winger the edge in travel usage.

The Tata Winger new 9-13 Seater Passenger multi purpose vehicle (MPV), is specially designed for use as a staff transportation vehicle. So, if the Company Staff is travelling for an outdoor conference, or even for regular intercity and intra city travel – it remains the first choice for travel and transportation. Many companies - such as call centers, and other large firms – offer transport facilities to their staff. A new 18-seater variant has also been launched for use by schools.

The applications of Tata Winger in the travel segment are numerous. With its comfort and economy, it is a preferred choice for the passengers and travel operators alike. One can truly trust Tata Motors to set the trend in the world of automobiles.

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