What is the seating capacity of the Tata Winger

What is the seating capacity of the Tata Winger

Tata Motors | Aug 1, 2019 10:38 am
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Tata Winger - built for large travelling groups

In the olden days when the cars were limited and roads were not so extensive – it was a common sight to see people piled in one on top of another in the olden day Ambassadors and Fiats. Now with the greater speeds at which vehicles travel and awareness of road safety – we see people thankfully seating themselves on individual seats.

TATA Winger is a range of maxi-vans with higher seating capacities – that are made specifically for the conveyance of passengers travelling intra or intercity.

The Winger is offered in six variants and two seating configurations - long or short wheelbase, and have high and low roof version. They also have specialized ambulance and school van versions, as well as the plain panel van. The top of the range is a flat roof, air-conditioned variant which is a ten-seater, while the remaining five versions are offered as either 13 or 14 seaters, taking the total number of variants to 11.

The TATA Winger School Van comes with the seating capacity of 13 + driver. It has 2 variants - a Standard version with bench cushioned seats, and a Deluxe variant with plush hi-back seats. A new 18-seater variant has also been launched recently.

The TATA Winger DICOR Luxury Flat Roof AC offers 9 passengers seats + 1 driver seat. These are luxury – reclining with adjustable headrest seats.
The TATA Winger DICOR Deluxe offers two variants; one with 12 passengers + 1 driver seat and the other with 13 passenger + 1 driver seat configuration. These are padded hi-back seats.

The TATA Winger 15S has the highest number of passenger seats available – there are 15 passengers + 1 driver seat in this model. These are comfortable padded push back seats.

The TATA Winger High Roof Ambulance can seat 9+1 Patient in lying condition.

With all its variants and large seating capacity, the TATA Winger is a clear game changer in the maxi van space.

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