Why is the Tata Winger great as a tourist vehicle?

Why is the Tata Winger great as a tourist vehicle?

Tata Motors | May 17, 2019 1:14 pm
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Winger - comfort with economy.

When setting out on a trip - the twin factors of comfort and economy are the key drivers that operators look for. Tata winger has packaged both these features in its specially designed Winger vehicles.

The Tata Winger has various models that have emerged as the forerunner in the tourist segment.

Tata Winger: The perfect marriage of Comfort and Style

The Tata Winger has a well built exterior that looks good with stylish decals as well as providing low noise, vibration and harshness levels with its monocoque construction. As soon as you decide to load up in the Winger - the first thing you notice is its trademark large luggage storage capacity of ~600 litres, which sets it apart from the other multi utility vehicle segment.

As you turn to enter the vehicle - the thoughtful and well designed side step makes it easy for passengers who are old as well as the very young to comfortably step into the vehicle. The large inner dimensions with internal height of 6.23 feet allows hassle-free movement inside the cabin. You enter and make your way into the maxi van - and find well designed push back seats with more options for seating capacity to accommodate large family. A quick look around shows you that the air conditioning can be adjusted to your own preference with individual air vents and the most convenient feature USB charging ports - to keep your electronic devices up and running.

Its best in class mileage and adequate fuel tank capacity of 60 litres - ensure that you don’t have to make too many stops to refuel.

The engine is a powerful 2.2-litre, DiCOR diesel engine. This engine makes top power of 100 HP at 4000 rpm along with peak torque of 190 Nm between 1250 rpm to 3500 rpm. The Tata Winger specifications also include a conventional five-speed manual gearbox which transmits power to the wheels and Mc Pherson Strut suspension that ensures a smooth ride. This allows multi purpose vehicle to traverse all roads with ease and makes for a comfortable riding experience.

So you could be setting out for picnic, a marriage function, a long weekend trip, a road trip or simply booking transport to the airport. As a tourist vehicle you will find that the Tata Winger meets your requirements for any or all of these occasions and more!

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