Why is the Tata Winger van preferred for Holiday vacations?

Why is the Tata Winger van preferred for Holiday vacations?

Tata Motors | May 17, 2019 12:52 pm
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Enough room for friends, family and even both!

When we set out on a family road trip - the excitement is palpable. The desire to include all your friends and family persists because “more is merrier” - but conveyance becomes a constraint on the number of people you can include on your family trip. However, if you have had the foresight to choose the TATA Winger - then this is certainly not the case.

The TATA WINGER has vehicles that can accommodate up to 15 passengers + the Driver. It comes in variants that offer 9 seater passenger van + driver and 12 seater passenger van + driver. It thus allows the flexibility of choosing the kind of vehicle needed for your own family size.

But is just having the seats enough? The TATA Winger has features that make it a comfortable and multi-utility travel option for all. The seats are push back - and offer the facility to recline - making this a comfortable travel option for people of all age groups. So when you are travelling with the older family members - or just want to travel comfortably; the comfort of the seats starts mattering more with every extra mile down the road.

There are other features that give the TATA Winger the utility of a van with the feel and comfort of a car. There are individual AC Vents for each seat in the style of airline AC vents. The Internal Height of 1900MM - keeps the passenger comfortable and does not allow them to feel cramped or suffocated. The TATA Winger is also equipped with the modern essential - multiple USB charging points.

With the large number of passenger seating capacity- the other important point is luggage space. The TATA winger is equipped with adequate luggage space to accommodate everybody’s bags and luggage.

The Winger’s monocoque body provides for low noise levels, vibration, and harshness making it a comfortable intercity drive. It also has great mileage and faster pick-up; making it a hit among drivers and owners alike.

The holiday no longer needs to begin only after we reach the destination! With the Tata Winger, it can begin right out the front door!

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