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Why Tata Winger is the Most Popular Powerful Traveler

Tata Motors | Feb 5, 2019 9:27 am
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The Tata Winger is an intelligently designed vehicle with a host of world class features that offer the comforts of car travel along with the ample space of a bus. Whether the journey is local or a long run, the Winger goes a long way in making the experience enjoyable.

What makes the Tata Winger such a popular Traveler?

One of the reasons that make Tata Winger a popular traveler’s choice is its versatility to operate at different places such as being used as a school van, an ambulance, a staff transit vehicle and a cargo truck. It performs exceedingly well when applied in different industries. Based on your industry specific requirement and seating capacity, choose from different Tata Winger variants:

  • Winger School 13+D
  • Winger Ambulance 3200
  • Winger Ambulance 3488
  • Tata Winger Tourist/Staff 9+D
  • Winger Staff 12+D / 13+D
  • Tata Winger Tourist/Staff 15+D

Key Features Taking Tata Winger Ahead in Competition

The Tata Winger is an ideal multi-utility vehicle offering abundant space, ensuring both passenger and driver comfort. Below are some key features that make it popular amongst owners and passengers alike.

  • High roof with a height of 6.23feet offers easy internal movement of passengers
  • Low floor height for easy loading and unloading and large branding area on vehicle body
  • BSIV compliant engine and monocoque construction ensures low levels of noise, vibration and harshness
  • Front independent suspension and anti roll bars with hydraulic shock absorbers gives a smooth drive
  • Comfortable seats for relaxation during long distance journey
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