Winger Ambulance

Enough room for a Hospital-on-Wheels
Winger Ambulance Interior

Space and price - a BIG surprise!

Big on space, Winger Ambulance from Tata Motors is a single stretcher ambulance that offers extra safety, a smooth drive, and a 'within budget' price. It gives you the freedom to redesign the interiors, for your own Hospital-on-Wheels. Winger Ambulance comes in two variants - Flat Roof and High Roof. Read on to discover how Winger Ambulance meets your requirements.



Patient Cabin Dimension

Variant Internal Length (mm) Internal Width (mm) Internal Height (mm)
Winger Flat Roof
2335 1650 1517
Winger High Roof 2755 1650 1900
Winger Ambulance - Cabin Dimension


No wonder, Winger Ambulance is spacious enough to be your 'Hospital-on-Wheels'!


Smooth ride for patients

  • The unique monocoque construction of Winger Ambulance ensures low car-like noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels
  • Front independent suspension, anti-roll bars with hydraulic shock absorbers and radial tyres together ensure a bump-free ride. Together, these features add up to zero stress and 100% comfort for the patient


Dual AC for relaxed rides Winger Ambulance - Dual AC

It is most critical that patients being transported to hospitals in emergencies should travel in comfort. To this end, now there is an ideal ambulance for patients - Winger Hi Roof with Dual AC. The new Front AC gives faster cooling even in extreme heat conditions; and the upgraded Roof Mounted AC with 6 air vents provides uniform cooling with lower noise levels. What's more, the cooling for traveling patients can be adjusted with a new speed adjuster switch.


Assured safety

  • Winger Ambulance comes with efficient LSPV (Load Sensing Proportional Valve) brake system and low centre of gravity which ensure better stability
  • Fog lamps offer excellent visibility during winter thereby making Winger the ambulance for all seasons


Easy entry & exitWinger Ambulance Van - Gates

The rear door of Winger Ambulance, which opens 180 degree outward, and the low floor height of 480 mm, together offer easy entry and exit.


Right at your doorstep

Winger Ambulance assures easy driving even on narrow roads, thanks to its two distinctive features:

  • Short turning circle radius, best in its class
  • Power steering


2 variants to choose from - Winger Flat Roof, Winger High Roof

Special Features Winger Flat Roof Winger High Roof  
Stretcher Single Single
Winger Ambulance - Flat Roof Exterior
Winger Ambulance - Flat Roof Interior
Winger Ambulance - High Roof Exterior
Winger Ambulance - Interior
Bench seats for paramedics Yes Yes
Special doctor's seat NA Yes
Oxygen cylinder cage Single Single
IV bottle holding hooks Yes Yes
First Aid box Yes Yes
Electric plug point Yes Yes
Overhead revolving beacon Yes Yes
Wide 180° opening rear door Yes Yes
Anti-skid flooring Yes Yes
Factory-fitted AC NA Yes
Fan for patient Yes NA
Cabin lights 2 2
Co-driver seating 2 2
Attendant seats 4 5


Indeed, Winger Ambulance is a choice hard to match and an investment hard to resist.


Scope for customising Winger Ambulance

To meet your specific needs, Winger Ambulance can be customised as a Mobile Medical Unit, Critical Care Unit, Blood Transportation Van and more. To know more,
call 022-6656 1878 or email